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14. Sidney Francis Edge

Fourteenth Sheriff of Kendall County - January 1939 - December 1948


Sheriff Sidney Edge


In 1938, Sid Edge was elected to the first of five consecutive terms as sheriff of Kendall County. In 1941, three months before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the FBI was organizing local law enforcement agencies in the Hill Country.   "The FBI conducted its first quarterly police conference in the Hill Country...and mobilized the various law enforcement agencies into a strong, swiftly striking power to act in the plan of national defense...Among those attending were Sidney Edge, Sheriff, Boerne; Ernst Nagel, Chief Deputy, Boerne; and P. J. Richardson, Deputy Sheriff, Boerne..." reported the Kerrville Mountain Sun.  This marked the beginning of the Hill Country Peace Officers Association which met four times a year for the duration of World War II. (After the war, the association continued to meet, but had a Spring and Fall Conference as opposed to a quarterly one.) Sheriff Edge was elected to serve as a vice-president of the association and continued to serve as an elected officer as late as March 1948, when, as association president, he hosted the Spring Conference of the Hill Country Peace Officers Association in Boerne, Sidney Edge's tenure as sheriff ended abruptly in 1948 when he suffered a fatal heart attack following an altercation with a prisoner.  According to an article in the Boerne Star from 1948, "Although Edge knew of his heart condition, he was determined to fulfill the duties of his office."  He died at the age of 59 and is buried in the Edge Cemetery in Kendalia.  In 2004,  Precinct 1 Constable Don White compiled the information on Edge and submitted the former sheriff's name to be placed on the Texas Peace Officer's Memorial Monument in Austin, Texas and the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C.  In 2019, a thirteen-year-old boy named Logan received a yellow lab trained as a diabetic alert service dog.  The dog is named Edge "in honor of fallen hero Sheriff Sidney Francis Edge of the Kendall County Sheriff's Department, Texas.


Source: Hurst, James. "Sidney Francis Edge" Keys to the Past. Vol. XXXVIII No. 2,  Fall/Winter 2019.

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