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16. Douglas Kuebel

Sixteenth Sheriff of Kendall County - May 1953 - December 1956; January 1965 - September 1971


Sheriff Douglas Kuebel


Sheriff Douglas William Kuebel was Kendall County's sixteenth sheriff and the only one who was killed in the line of duty.  He was shot while investigating a domestic disturbance six miles outside of Boerne.  Kuebel was rushed to the Methodist Hospital in San Antonio. Less than three hours later,  the shooter Menn was captured just over the Kendall County line near Comfort by three officers from Fredericksburg, including Sheriff Hugo Klaerner, Police Chief Milton Jung, and policeman Allen Mauldin.  Menn gave the officers a chase, but when forced out of the car, they did not resist.  His shotgun was in the back seat. On Monday, June 19, 1972, Menn was given a life sentence for the murder.  When Sheriff William B. Edge resigned to become a state highway patrolman in 1953, Douglas vacated his seat as a city councilman to become an applicant for Edge's job.  The following year Douglas was elected Sheriff and served in that capacity until 1956 when he lost the election to Lee D'Spain.  Ironically, he ran again against Sheriff Lee D'Spain in November 1964 and in a hotly contested race, Kuebel was elected.


Source: Brazil, Janice. "Douglas Kuebel" Keys to the Past. Vol. XXXVIII No. 2, Fall/Winter 2019.

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