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06. Joseph T. Graham

Sixth Sheriff of Kendall County- October 1878 - December 1878


Joseph T. Graham signatureDeputy Sheriff Joseph T. Graham was appointed Sheriff and Tax Collector by the Commissioner's Court in September 1878. The sheriff's office had recently become vacant after J. F. Stendebach resigned. He took the oath of office on 1 October 1878. Two years earlier he became the County Assessor of Taxes, and he resigned so he could fill the sheriff position. He served for four months. In the November election, John Reinhard won the bid for sheriff. Joseph was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where his father served as the U. S. Consulate from 1844-1858. Joseph was nine years old when the family moved to the Kendall County area. His father signed the 1859 petition to create Kendall County. In 1862, his father Joseph Graham became the first county judge. Joseph died in 1888 at age 38 and is buried in the Boerne Cemetery.


Source: Adam Hurst, Kathryn. "Joseph T. Graham" Keys to the Past. Vol. XXXVIII No. 1,

     Spring/Summer 2019.

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