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03. Carl (Charles) Friedrich “C. F.” Schuchardt

Third Sheriff of Kendall County-August 1864 - June 1866


Charles F. Schuchardt signatureCharles F. Schuchardt immigrated to Texas in 1846 with his father and two siblings. They settled in Victoria where relatives were living. By 1855 the family moved to what is now Kendall County. In 1862 he joined Captain Charles de Montel's Frontier Regiment as a private. Their job was to defend the frontier. When he mustered out of this regiment, he re-enlisted as a sergeant in Company E of the 33rd Texas Cavalry Regiment (Confederate). This regiment patrolled the Rio Grande Valley and defended against raiding bandits and Unionists from Mexico. It was a difficult time for his wife and children. His father purchased his property in 1863, so the family wouldn't lose it, and his wife and children received financial aid from the county. Upon returning to Kendall County, he ran for sheriff and was elected in the August 1864 election. Eight months later when the war ended, a reconstruction government took control of the state. All government officials had to be approved by the reconstruction governor. C. F. was approved in September 1865 and appointed Henry Theis as Deputy Sheriff. In May 1866, C. F. was asked to step down. It is unclear why he was requested to do so. C.F. and his family continued to live in Kendall County for a time but eventually moved to San Antonio.


Source: Westermeier, Jim, and Carol. "Karl Carl Charles Friedrich (C. F.) Schuchardt" Keys to the

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