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12. Joseph Sansom “Joe” Saunders

Twelfth Kendall County Sheriff- December 1916 - December 1918

Joseph Sansom “Joe” Saunders Joseph Sansom "Joe" Saunders came from a family where the men were involved in state and local government. His father, George, held several county positions and was later Curry's Creek's postmaster. Joe's brother, John, was a Texas Ranger in Company D and served with Captain Frank Jones. Joe served as the first City Marshall from 1909-1911 in the newly incorporated town of Boerne. He served as Deputy Sheriff with Sheriff J. M. Saner. When Sheriff Saner retired, Joe ran for Sheriff and Tax Collector. The United States joined World War I shortly after he became sheriff. Boerne quickly changed from a small, quiet town as soldiers from nearby Camp Funston (present-day Camp Stanley) came to town to unwind. Late-night drinking and rowdiness caused the sheriff to many problems. In late 1918, Spanish Influenza reached Kendall County. The schools closed, all public gatherings were banned, and stores were only open for a few hours a day. After he left office, Joe and his wife Annie ran a confectionery shop at the corner of Main and San Antonio Streets. He also worked as a vat dip inspector for the county for several years. The county had a tick infestation, and he checked to make sure proper procedures were being followed.


Source: Tomlinson, Richard. "Joseph Sansom "Joe" Saunders" Keys to the Past. Vol. XXXVIII

   No. 1, Spring/Summer 2019.

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