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10. George August Zoeller

Tenth Sheriff of Kendall County- June 1897 - April 1908

George August Zoeller George A. Zoeller was the eldest son of Adolph and Augusta Wendler Zoeller. He was born on the family farm near the Guadalupe River in 1861. His father supported the Union and was one of eleven survivors of the Nueces Massacre in 1862. He fled the hill country and escaped to Mexico and joined the First Texas Cavalry. He became a captain of Company C and served until the end of the war. After returning home, he served a two-year term in the Texas House of Representatives. When Albert Bodemann resigned, George Zoeller and J. A. Phillips petitioned the Commissioners' Court for the position. The vote was tied 2 to 2. County Judge Ewald was required to cast the deciding vote. He delayed his decision and talk to the public and then voted for George Zoeller. He held this position for the next fourteen years. Zoeller used whatever means it took to locate persons of interest. This included publishing descriptions in newspapers around the state. Zoeller was an active member of several organizations in the county.


Source: Adam Hurst, Kathryn. "George August Zoeller" Keys to the Past. Vol. XXXVIII No. 1,

     Spring/Summer 2019.

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