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New KCSO Center
Our Mission:
The mission of the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office is to protect the lives 
and property of the residents and visitors of Kendall County through professional policing, community partnerships, and the efficient management of personnel and resources.
Our Values:
 We foster a climate of excellence by recruiting, selecting, and training exemplary deputies and detention officers, and we encourage employee growth and development through extensive training opportunities.
 To forge healthy, trusting relationships with the people of Kendall County, we demand that employees of the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office demonstrate ethical consistency in their professional and personal lives.
 We are responsible and accountable for our actions. Thus, we expect our officers to exercise self-restraint in times of crisis, and we expect our enforcement actions to adhere to the facts at hand.
 The administration of law and order is based upon the ideals of justice and fairness for our diverse community. All citizens and visitors--including those suspected of crimes--will be treated with respect, dignity and fairness.
We will act boldly to serve our community, and we will make tough decisions based on what is best for our citizens and visitors, the Kendall County Sheriff's Office and the individual employee involved, while acting in accordance with the values described above.
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