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23. Albert Ray “Al” Auxier

Twenty-third Sheriff of Kendall County - January 2013 - Present


Sheriff Al Auxier

Al Auxier entered the Department of Public Safety Academy in Austin. The Academy is noted for a physically and mentally demanding program.  After his graduation from the DPS Academy, he became a Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol State Trooper in 1987.  He was assigned to duty in Angleton, Texas, in Brazoria County.  In March 1990, Auxier was assigned to Kendall County, where he became the Senior State Trooper stationed in Boerne.  He was called upon to assist the Kendall County Sheriff's office on major fatal accidents and assisted the Boerne Police Department on major crimes.  He became well known for providing advice and guidance to police officers of all agencies in the area.  In June 2011, Al Auxier met with the current Sheriff, Roger Duncan, who was nearing the end of his second term and had decided not to run for re-election.   Auxier benefitted from his twenty-two years of service in the area.  His candidacy was endorsed by many different law enforcement organizations, including the Boerne Police Officers Association and the San Antonio Police Officers Association.  Auxier received a strong endorsement from retired Boerne Police Chief, Gary Miller, who praised his past service.  Auxier won the primary and the general election and was sworn into office on 1 January 2013.  He became the twenty-third person to hold the office and twenty-seventh administration. Asked why he wanted to be Sheriff, Auxier said, "I want to help make Kendall County the safest place to live, work and raise a family."  Upon election, he said, "I find it honoring to be able to serve and I am humbled that people entrust me with the responsibility of the office."




Source: Tomlinson. "Albert Ray "Al" Auxier" Keys to the Past. Vol. XXXVIII No. 2,  Fall/Winter 2019.

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