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07. John Reinhard

Seventh Sheriff of Kendall County- January 1878 - April 1884

John ReinhardJohn Reinhard is the youngest sheriff elected in Kendall County. He was twenty-four years old and still holds this record today. He held this position for six years and resigned in 1884. His deputy, Helwig Zoeller, was appointed to complete his term. Reinhard's next elected position was Kendall County Judge. For the rest of his life, he was called Judge Reinhard. He held the county judge position for eight years and then ran for District and County Clerk and won this position for several terms. While he was County Clerk the county built a brick vault, the courthouse was enlarged and electric lighting and a telephone were installed in the courthouse. Reinhard lived six miles from Boerne where he and his wife operated the Walnut Grove Resort. It was a place for summer and winter tourists to enjoy the Texas Hill Country. In a newspaper advertisement, Reinhard listed the amenities for the resort as shade, buggies and ponies, bathhouse, phone, and daily mail. He died in 1927. Paul Holekamp, his friend and business partner, said "Judge Reinhard will always be remembered as being very capable and competent in all his duties as a county official, and as a counselor [sic] for many people in legal, and also personal difficulties.


Source: Adam Hurst, Kathryn. "John Reinhard" Keys to the Past. Vol. XXXVIII No. 1,

     Spring/Summer 2019.

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