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Attorney Visitation

***UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE-Please do not schedule your video visitation through the Cidnet site, as it automatically records all communications.  If you do not want your visit to be recorded, you MUST call in to schedule as we can manually turn off the recordings.

You are still able to visit your clients by coming to the jail and using our attorney booth.  It is still first come first serve. 

The attorneys requesting to see an inmate must be identified through a bar card and picture identification.  Attorneys may visit their client at any time other than between the hours of 11 am-1 pm or 5 pm-7 pm, when meals are being served, during a shift change, or during emergencies. If you come after hours, please press the intercom inside for assistance.

The Kendall County Detention Center would like to inform you that our organization has changed video visitation vendors.  We are no longer using VendEngine/Correctpay for our remote video visitation.   Our new vendor is Encartele/Cidnet.  We are sorry to inform you that we will not be able to provide you with self-scheduled remote video visitations with your clients at this time.  We are working with our new vendor to provide you with this service.  If you need to schedule a remote video visitation or mail messaging, please contact us at (830) 249-4989 Monday through Friday between the hours of 1PM-4PM.  You will need to schedule your remote visit at least one day before your desired day/time.

***We only have one attorney room and it is first come first serve.  

Thank you, 

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