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Crisis Intervention (CIT)




The Kendall County Sheriff's Office Crisis Intervention (CIT) Division is comprised of specially trained Sheriff's Office law enforcement officers, that provide crisis intervention assistance to the citizens of Kendall County. This specialized team promotes collaboration between law enforcement and mental health professionals to provide progressive crisis intervention and effective crisis stabilization services to individuals in crisis. The CIT Program is designed to divert individuals from unnecessary arrests and bookings; divert individuals from unnecessary hospitalizations; provide timely crisis intervention and crisis stabilization services, and provide referrals and linkage to long-term community mental health services. 

The Crisis Intervention Team offers assistance to those suffering from emotional and psychological issues and assists them in obtaining the appropriate social service available for their specific needs. The Crisis Intervention Team is also tasked with performing follow up checks when deemed necessary.

The Crisis Intervention Team is structured to help citizens by providing professional and immediate assistance in obtaining proper care and guidance, within the parameters of the law. Each member of the crisis team is licensed by the State of Texas, with specific training in mental health crisis intervention, first aid, and CPR. All members are licensed Texas Peace Officers with the Kendall County Sheriff's Office. This service is offered to the citizens of Kendall County 24 hours a day. The Crisis Intervention Team also collaborates with surrounding law enforcement agencies and mental health professionals.


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