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Deputy Tiny Tim!!!


Deputy Tiny Tim
A little Bio on Deputy Tiny Tim.
He is an 8-week old rescue Nigerian Dwarf goat born handicapped. His front right leg did not completely form, which means his leg is about 2 inches shorter than the rest and it barely has a hoof. Of course, Tiny Tim has no idea he is physically handicapped. He still runs, jumps, and plays like any other goat.
Tiny Tim was abandoned by his mom and adopted by the Crisis Intervention Deputy Michelle Quade. In the beginning, Tiny Tim required bottle feedings 3 times a day. The Sheriff and Chief Deputy graciously allowed Deputy Quade to take Tiny Tim to work with her so she could care for him.
Tiny Tim was quickly given a job. His job is to just be a goat and bring smiles and comfort to the Kendall County Family, which he loves to do and is very good at.
Tiny Tim even visits inmates in the jail and has had a wonderful effect on those who have met him.
Deputy Tiny Tim is not at the Sheriff's office daily anymore but likes to make a special appearance and visit with everyone.
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