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Scammers are at it again!!!


scam alert
Scammers are at it again!
We have recently been made aware of a new take on an old scam. We have received calls from residents reporting that they receive calls from what their phone's caller identification displays as our main office phone number: (830) 249-9721.
When the victim answers the call, the scammer identifies themselves as a deputy with the Sheriff's Office and informs the victim that they have an arrest warrant. If the victim lets the call go to voicemail, the scammer leaves a message with the fake story and asks the victim to return the call to a different cell phone number. The scammers will then try to convince the victim that they won't be arrested if they pay a fine directly to them.
Under no circumstances will Kendall County Deputies ask for payment over the phone for warrants or any type of solicitation.
We know that our non-emergency phone numbers are being spoofed in these scams, which makes it hard for the victims to recognize these types of scams. Please understand that when we are looking for suspects, we typically do it in person. And if we call about a case we are investigating, the main non-emergency number is not the number that will be used.
The best thing to do in situations like this or any scam attempt is to just hang up.
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