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Notice of Merit


******Notice of Merit******
KCSO Investigator Anita Seamans
On April 15, 2020, an employee of DAS Fiber, LLC, arrived at work to discover the business had been burglarized. The suspects entered the business and stole a 2004 Dodge truck along with over $33,000.00 worth of construction and electronic equipment. There were no known suspects in the case and no video on scene to identify potential suspects. Investigator Seamans was assigned the case and began the investigation with almost no information to work with.
Three days after the burglary, Investigator Seamans received a call from the IT department responsible for one of the stolen laptops. The IT technician informed Investigator Seamans that the laptop had been turned on and an IP address for the location of the laptop at the time it was turned on was obtained. For the next two months, with nothing else to work from but IP addresses, Investigator Seamans worked closely with the IT technician and received Grand Jury subpoenas to track the location of the laptop. On June 20, Investigator Seamans located a fixed position for the laptop and executed a search warrant at an address in San Antonio for the laptop and other stolen equipment. During the search, Investigator Seamans recovered the laptop and a hydraulic crimper that was also taken in the burglary. The person in control of the stolen property provided Investigator Seamans with the name of the suspect who sold the items to him. Based on this information, Investigator Seamans obtained an arrest warrant for that suspect.
On July 17, 2020, Kathy Alvarez was arrested on the outstanding warrant. Alvarez confessed to being part of a three-person enterprise that burglarized DAS Fiber and provided details of the burglary only the suspect would know. Alvarez also identified one of her codefendants. Based on this information, an arrest warrant was issued for Justin Trevino. On September 6, Justin Trevino was arrested on the outstanding warrant. Trevino ultimately confessed to committing the burglary with Alvarez and another male and lead Investigator Seamans to the location of some of the remaining property taken in the burglary. Investigator Seamans has currently identified the third suspect in the case and is actively working on his arrest.
Investigator Seamans was assigned a burglary case that many would have dismissed because of the lack of investigative leads. For five months, Investigator Seamans followed slim leads, did tedious work obtaining subpoenas, followed leads, was setback with the murder of a witness, obtained warrants and confessions, and ultimately recovered $28,000.00 in stolen property for the victim of this crime.
Please join us in recognizing Investigator Seamans for her dedication and outstanding service to our community.
Anita Seamans Receives Merit Award
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