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"Every day, we are reminded of how precious life is when the unthinkable happens-an active threat against your school, business, or community. Utilizing 30 years of law enforcement experience, along with the advancement of new technologies, we (LifeSpot) wanted a better way to keep people safe, giving them precious seconds to protect themselves and others in the event of an active threat,"-Brett Titus, Creator of LifeSpot.

Shortly after the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, the Kendall County Sheriff's Office received a call on behalf of Brett Titus, creator, and owner of the LifeSpot application. Mr. Titus developed LifeSpot after responding to more than his share of active shooter incidents in Colorado, where he worked in law enforcement for over three decades. Using the lessons he learned along the way, together with a team of experts, he developed the LifeSpot application for a straightforward reason-to save lives. This simplistic application solves seven challenges when faced with an active shooter situation.

  • Response Time: LifeSpot can take several minutes off response times
  • Notification: Upon Alert, all five groups are notified in under six seconds, including all staff, responding officers, commanding officers, 911 dispatch, and fire/EMS.
  • Location: Gives the approximate threat location to law enforcement and users. It also provides law enforcement with each user's location.
  • Communication: Gives users and law enforcement the capability to use instant text messaging between each other when 911 dispatch is overloaded. 
  • Identification: Identifies armed staff to law enforcement.
  • Seriously Injured: With a button press, it notifies law enforcement and Fire/EMS of the location of injured victims.
  • Reunification: Allows users to account for themselves with simple-to-use software within the app.

I admit that after any incident of national significance like the one in Uvalde, folks come out of the woodwork and offer various solutions, most of which either make no sense or are of little to no value to law enforcement. I will also admit that I was skeptical of LifeSpot, too, for about the first five minutes of the LifeSpot demonstration. But, after a brief time, it was clear-LifeSpot is the exception; LifeSpot CAN save lives!

After LifeSpot's presentation, the Kendall County Sheriff's Office was sold on the fact that if we implement this technology community-wide, we can save lives if, God forbid, we are faced with a scenario such as what unfolded in Uvalde last school year and more recently in Raleigh, North Carolina.

This application informs law enforcement immediately of a potential issue. It simultaneously alerts other first responders and potential targets of a threat in the immediate area, allowing those individuals to take appropriate action immediately.

So how does it work? Simply, areas across Kendall County will be identified as a risk for an active shooter incident. Then, if they share an interest in participating, we will geofence the area around their establishment and obtain apps for each of their employees. Ideal candidates for participation in this program include schools, daycares, churches, hospitals, etc., - any location where groups of individuals gather regularly.

So, what is a geofence? A geofence is a virtual fence created within the application. The LifeSpot app will work only within the geofenced area assigned to your application, which brings peace of mind to parents or grandparents with little ones at home that might fear that the app could be accidentally activated. Outside the geofence, the service will not work.

Once an alert is activated, law enforcement officials are immediate, in real-time, notified; and the location is automatically recorded. On their smartphone, with the app loaded, the person who activates the Alert will be able to notify first responders of their place in the building and whether there are injuries.

Using LifeSpot, law enforcement officials can communicate with you directly by using the app to text. For example, suppose you are notified that an alert has been issued. In that case, you will be able to see where you are in relation to the incident and decide to either fortify (secure your area if you are near the threat) or flee the area to safety outside the threatened area.

Regardless of your decision to fortify or flee, law enforcement officials can track you to see that you are either safe somewhere away from the incident or fortified somewhere close. Once the threat is neutralized/resolved, law enforcement will have your contact information and can contact you to tell you it is safe to return or safe to unlock your door.

LifeSpot allows for real-time reunification of all those involved by law enforcement officials. The app will show officials who are safe and those who were directly impacted by the incident immediately following the threat resolution.

We are continuously striving to build relationships throughout the community. Because of these relationships like ours with Hill Country Family Services, we can provide this life-saving app to our community free of charge for three years through a grant. We have launched over 2,000 apps within our community in a short time, with many more in the works. LifeSpot IS a vital tool for saving LIVES!

For more information on LifeSpot or if you feel your agency or organization would benefit, please get in touch with Support Services Lt. Kevin Klaerner at 830-249-9721.


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