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Court Security/Civil Process Division

Kendall County Court House

This Division is supervised by a sergeant. There are five deputies assigned under the sergeant. This division is responsible for the overall security of both the new Kendall County Courthouse and the Historic Courthouse. On court day, deputies serve as court bailiffs and man the security checkpoints around the courthouse.

In addition to courthouse security duties, these deputies are tasked with serving warrants and civil processes generated by Kendall County. Civil Process Service can range from a fairly simple service to a  very detailed and time-consuming one.

Civil Processes

Below is just a few of the civil processes that civil officer's serve:

  • All other Writs and All civil and criminal subpoenas
  • Attorney General Citations
  • Civil Process
  • County Court
  • Delinquent tax Citations
  • District Court
  • Divorce Court
  • Federal Court Citations
  • Justice Court
  • Protective Orders
  • Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Writs of Attachment for persons and property
  • Writs of Execution (Court Collections)
  • Writs of Possession (Court Repossessions)
Crime Stoppers
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