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USE OF FORCE IN TEXAS - The Application and Investigation of Officer Involved Use of Force Incidents (REGISTRATION OPENS MARCH 25, 2024)
Wed, May 22, 2024 - Fri, May 24, 2024

Cost: $60


Officer involved use of force incidents generate some of the most intense public, media, and community activist scrutiny a law enforcement agency will ever face. When not handled properly, agencies face the loss of public trust, adverse effects on officer morale, and potential criminal charges or civil judgments that can cripple law enforcement organizations for years. Understanding Texas use of force laws and their application, as well as court decisions that define the parameters use of force in criminal and civil use of force cases is critical, not only for front line officers involved in day-to-day use of force decisions, but for investigators required to conduct competent, objective and thorough investigations.

This training will provide an in-depth analysis of use of force and deadly force justifications specific to Texas law, state, federal, and Supreme Court decisions on the application of use of force incidents, and an overview of the investigative techniques utilized in officer involved use of force and deadly force incidents. The course will also address a number of legal, investigative and psychological issues critical to investigators, managers and prosecutors prior to and during these investigations, as well as evidentiary issues, interviewing witnesses, legal issues for interviewing witness and involved officers, and preparing a case for presentation to the grand jury or District Attorney. 



Lt. Butch Matjeka

Lt. Butch Matjeka, is an active duty 46-year law enforcement veteran. He served 34 years with the San Antonio Police Department working Patrol, the Training Academy as the lead instructor for all criminal law courses, and spent ten and a half years as a Murder Unit detective and six and a half years as a Murder Unit sergeant. During his time in the Murder Unit, Lt. Matjeka served as the lead investigator for officer involved shooting incidents, and investigated and supervised investigations of officer involved incidents, custodial deaths and use of force investigations, as well as numerous officer involved murders. He is certified as a Force Science analyst and continues to assist agencies and prosecutors in officer involved use of force incidents, and testifies as an expert witness in officer involved cases. Lt. Matjeka served as an investigator with the Bexar County District Attorney's Office for two years and has been with the Kendall County Sheriff's Office for the last eleven years serving as the Criminal Investigations Division Lieutenant. Lt. Matjeka has trained law enforcement officers throughout Texas since 1988 in issues in criminal law, arrest search and seizure, criminal investigation, adult and juvenile interview and interrogation, search and arrest warrants, use of force, and many other investigative topics. He also served as an adjunct professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio for seven years, teaching Forensic Science, Legal Issues in Forensic Science, Violent Crime, Trial and Evidence, and Contemporary Police Practices (Interrogations).

First Assistant Criminal District Attorney Katherine McDaniel

Since graduating from law school in 1997, Katherine McDaniel has dedicated her career to the pursuit of justice. Katherine served in Harris County for almost 20 years, working to keep the community safe from all crimes, and became a strong force in the fight against cartel drug and gang crimes.  In 2017, Katherine was recruited to serve as the First Assistant Criminal District Attorney for Kendall County for the newly created Criminal District Attorney's Office.  

She has been a supervisor for over twenty years and has adjudicated thousands of cases including many high-stakes cases ranging from child abuse to capital murder. With her focus on the rule of law and over 20 years of experience, Katherine has successfully served the community in many leadership positions including First Assistant, Special Crimes Division, Major Narcotics, Child Abuse, Juvenile and the Trial Bureau.  

Mrs. McDaniel is a noted national instructor on the topic of the Fourth Amendment and continues to speak in that capacity. She has received numerous awards including Texas Prosecutor of the Year and distinctions in service from Justice for Children and the Texas Department of Public Safety. Appointed by Texas Governor Abbott, she serves on the Texas Violent Gang Task Force Advisory Board. 

Mrs. McDaniel earned her bachelor's degree in history from the University of Texas and her law degree from Texas Tech School of Law. An active community volunteer, she currently serves as president of the board of the Kendall County Women's Shelter, past president of the Kendall County Republican Women, and volunteers in school and church activities. 

Payment/Cancellation/Refund Policy

Payment by credit card should be made at the time of registration. Payment by check should be received before the class date, however payment by check or cash may be made at the beginning of class.

Cancellations should be made as soon as possible in order to allow those students on a waiting list time to register and pay for the class. Cancellations made two weeks prior to class will be eligible for a refund. Cash, check and credit card payments are refundable, however convenience fees associated with credit card payments are non-refundable.

We understand situations arise where cancellation is necessary. However, repeated cancellations may affect future attendance in other classes.

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