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Phishing Scam Alert!!!


Emails Hacked



Due to the high number of scams plaguing our communities, the Kendall County Sheriff's Office would like to remind you to never provide personal or identifying information over the telephone and never wire money requested over the phone, or in an email, especially to a foreign address. Common scams we have seen in our area are the IRS imposter scam, Grandparent scam, Lottery and Sweepstakes scams, Publisher's Clearing House scams, and various internet loan scams.

We have recently been notified of multiple phishing emails claiming to be from someone you know (i.e., County Agency, Friends, Family). The email content is very vague and asks you to open an attachment or provides you with a password to open the attachment. Upon opening the attachment, the virus or malware attacks your computer or electronic device, compromising all personal information (i.e., identity, bank accounts, Contact Lists, and Passwords). If emails you receive look suspicious, pay attention to the sender's complete email address for verification. A phishing email will contain minor changes to the sender's email address.

If you become the victim of a hacked email account, here's what you need to do to remedy the situation.

1. Run Your Antivirus Program
2. Change Your Passwords
3. Contact Other Online Services- (Amazon, Netflix, Credit Card Companies)
4. Notify People You Know
5. Change Your Security Questions
6. Report the Hack to your email provider
7. Create a New Email Account
8. Contact Credit Agencies
9. Consider Your ID Protection Options

A good rule of thumb regarding scams is if something seems suspicious or appears to be too good to be true, it probably is.

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